Moonglow Summer Events


Moonglow Jewelry is a unique concept as you know. If you’re one of our many fans, you should note that our Moonglow Jewelry summer-fall events will be coming to a city near you. Our summer-fall events will be a very special tour because we will be offering great and fun contests as well as a new range of products. Our carefully hand finished jewelry will get your hearts racing; and you will be able to have a special memento of a special moment in your life. Every moment has a moon.

From the 8th of June, we are going to be on the road, starting from San Diego California. We can be found at the San Diego County Fair for almost a month so that should give you plenty of time to visit us if you are in the San Diego area. However, if you can’t make it to San Diego, then come along and visit us from July 12th to August 11th at the Orange County Fair in the O.C. We would certainly love to see you there.

If you live in Ohio or Wisconsin, we will be visiting from the end of July through to Mid August and our travels continue through to New York until September. However, we will also be at the L.A. County fair and in Puyallup WA for the Puyallup Fair, then you can see us from the end of August, through to late September. We are touring all over the country and throughout the year we will be visiting Oklahoma, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Indiana, New Orleans, Texas; and that is just in America. We will be touring throughout Canada also in areas of Ontario and Quebec also. So you can never miss us! We are going to be everywhere waiting to see you! You can see all of our stunning range of Moonglow Jewelry on offer and we guarantee you will love it! We are even able to offer some of our services in the United Arab Emirates

Our summer fall events are going to be rather special for you and if you are a big fan of our products, you won’t want to miss us. We will be happy to see all of our fans! Love you guys!