Rhinestones for Syrie

Enter to Win!

Enter to Win!

Hey Everyone!  Iradora here. Hope you had a great day today.  I hear they had a 4.0 earthquake in San Diego a few hours ago.  My brother, Glomor is out there on a surf trip with some friends. He said he was sitting on the beach when it happened. He thought Uncle Milky was experimenting with some of his DSFP #2  (Dimension Shifting Fairy Powder) which is still in its developmental stages.  Last time Uncle Milky used it back at the base, he ended up in a crater on the other side of the Moon instead of a parallel dimension. Oh well, practice makes perfect, I hope.  My brother said everything’s ok in San Diego. I thought we had an earthquake back at the hotel room last night but I guess it was just Charlie Sheen in the next room.

In case you haven’t heard, yet, we’re having a contest!  You could win $500.00 worth of jewelry. All you have to do is post the most memorable moment of your life along with a relevant photo.  You have until August 31st to enter.  At the moment it looks like it’s between Stephanie and Kim! You go girls!  I read both your stories, and love them.  Ouch and awhhh are the two words that come to mind.

As for the rest of you Moonglow Lovers, hope you enter soon. I’ll be watching and reading.  Oh, the SPCA called me earlier today. They found the pink bat and he was still wearing Keiths’ pendant! So, I have the pendant and I guess I’m just going to deliver it prehistorically – through your Post Office.  As for the bat, well, looks like I have a new pet.  Had to shrink him to keep him. Glomor flew out with some (Shrink-It Fairy Dust) for me.  He’s kind’a cute, in a vampirish sort of way. The bat, not my brother.  Got him a rhinestone-studded collar and leash today.  I only shrink him at night.  He wouldn’t survive out there in the concrete jungle of Syracuse if he were the size of a grape. Still debating what I should call him.   Thinking of calling him Syrie – you know… for Syracuse.   Yawn.  Well, I’m off to watch a movie on Netflix before bed.  I think I’m going to watch…Hook…Julia Roberts makes a wicked-good fairy!  Oh, I almost forgot. Click on the photo to enter the contest!


Urban Sunburn

Keith Urban

Hello Earthlings & People of Syracuse,

Jeez, time goes by way too fast on this planet.  Yawn. I can’t believe I have to get up already?!?

Ouch! You should see me! Sunburned head to toe.  You’d think I flew too close to Venus, but no, this is an urban sunburn.  I’m still here at the Great New York State Fair.  I slipped away for a few hours mid-day (like anyone would notice being that I’m covered with EIFD#9 !) and laid in the sun.  Invisible, or not, the sun, she managed to scorch my  “from-the-dark-side-of-the-moon” complexion.   The Moonglow lineage is known for its purple eyes, and skin as white as 11:11 crater sand.  Well, at least my skin matches the new fairykini I got yesterday.  Someone sent me to this little store called De La Renta.  It cost me $3,000 dollars.  Was that a good deal?  I don’t know.  I don’t understand Earth money, yet.  I tried to find a bathing suit here at the fair but no one had any in my size and I’m all out of PSFD#7 (Purple Shrink-it Fairy Dust) .  I bought one of Wicked Wanda’s T-Shirts here at the fair, for my brother.  I’ll shrink it for him when I get back home.

Keith Urban is playing tonight at 7:30 – sorry Lou, but I’m out a here at 7:00!  Maybe even 6:30ish. I’m flushing just thinking about him – the Urban Sunburn.  Bah ha ha.  Do you know that critics say Keith is “one of the best reasons in the world to attend a live concert.”  Oh, yeah?  I say, it’s more like he’s “one of the best reasons in the GALAXY  to attend a live concert!”  I’m going to polish those Swarovski crystals at warp speed today.  Plus,  I’ve got the best seat in the house. His shoulder. That’s right.  I’m going to be sitting on Keith Urbans’ shoulder tonight!  My sisters would flip a comet if they knew!  How’s a fairy expected to work all day knowing that in just a few hours she’ll be sitting on Keith Urbans’ shoulder?

Hmmm…just got a brilliant idea.

This would be THE perfect opportunity to wrap a Moonglow pendant around Keiths’ neck!  He wouldn’t even know I put it there until he wakes up the next morning and looks into the bathroom mirror while brushing his teeth.  He’d yell, “Nicole! How’d I get this moon pendant? Did you put this on me?”  Too funny.  Let’s see…I’ll just plug his date of birth into the moon phase calculator and see during which phase he was born.  His birthday is October 26, 1967.  Got it!  Keith was born during a Waning Crescent Moon – kinda looks like his face in the photo, except reversed!

Uhhhh…if Lou would just let me forward time a bit today.  He gets really mad when I do that.   He says it violates some ethical “Bill of Rights” between us Moon folk, and you Earthlings. What-ever.  It’s just like skipping forward to a good song.  Why listen to a bunch of songs you don’t like when you know there’s a good one waiting for you  in the near future? I don’t see how it’s a problem.  Moon Fairies do this ALL the time.  You know how sometimes the day seems to drag on, and other days it’s over before ya know it. Well, that’s all because of us Moon Fairies!  If I weren’t so ethical I’d forward to at least midday.  Oh well, I’ll just polish the crystals, organize the displays, do the coffee run and take a nap in the pendant box so I’m refreshed for the concert.  I LOVE taking naps in the pendant box.  Some of the still-charged pendants glow, casting shadows across the cardboard.  I feel so at home in that box. Nothing comforts me more than the glow of the Moon.

Holy fairy dust, I’m late for work.  Gotta fly……………………….. Keith Urban………………………have I got a pendant for you!!!

Moon to Syracuse…Come in Syracuse

Hey, Everyone!

It’s Iradora.  Hope you’re having a brilliant, sunlit day here on earth!  Frankly, I’m a bit cranky.  Only 2 people have signed my petition.  Maybe Lou IS right and no one believes in fairies.  That would really suck.  I just can’t believe it’s true. Maybe no one thinks I’m serious, or maybe I’m being impatient. I did  just post the thing yesterday.  Well, Sign My Petition when you have a minute, please! Pretty please, with moon dust on top!

On a happier note (sort of) I’m at the Great New York State Fair in Syracuse.  I say happy because I’m here, but not-so-happy because I’m still invisible.  You know why- EIFD #9!  That’s right. Well, I’ve been here since 10:00 a.m. which is WAAAY too early for any earthling OR fairy to have to get up, let alone go to WORK!  I’ve been straightening the pendants in the display cases, polishing the Swarovski crystals and making Starbucks runs for the reps.  Mocha Frap with soymilk for me!  Yum.  Hmmm….just found a broken crystal.  I’ll have to send this back to the base.   Or… maybe I’ll just keep it on my nightstand to brighten up that incredibly droll hotel room. Really, WHO decorates earths’ hotel rooms?!?  They sure could use a little sprinkle of moon dust here, there and everywhere. I don’t care for  hotels. I prefer trees, if I can’t find a good crater. I was going to spend the night in Central Park but I hear that wouldn’t be such a good idea for a fairy like me.

These  New Yorkers are interesting creatures.  They talk funny.  They seem to have trouble with their “r’s”.  Sometimes they say a word that has an “r” but just pretend it doesn’t.  Like when they say the word, “car”.  It sounds more like “CAH”. Hmmmm…..I wonder if they do that in Words With Friends, too?  Just pretend there aren’t any “r’s”.  Which reminds me, I have 20 games started in Words With Friends.  That’s the limit.  If I could have more, I would.  I’m playing a game with this lady from England and let me tell ya, that Brit has figured out a way to use EVERY space on the board! I don’t know how she does it.  She gets like 70 points with just one letter.  I think I got less than 20 for my favorite 8 letter word:  MOONGLOW!   Well, can’t win ’em all, and with her I haven’t won any.  Oh, speaking about WINNING, have you heard?  MOONGLOW is having a contest – and you can win $500.00 worth of jewelry from our online store!   Wicked good idea don’t you think? Just keep checking our website for details. My brother, Glowmor, is in charge of posting the contest and he’s a VERY busy guy so please be patient.  ENTER CONTEST HERE 

So, all you Syracuse earthlings, come on over and see us at the fair! We’re here for 12 days: August 23rd through September 3rd!  The weather, she is HOT.  It’s partly cloudy and 82 degrees right now and tomorrow it’s supposed to be sunny and 89 degrees.  Unbelievably, I forgot to pack my fairykini!   Does anyone know where a fairy can get a sparkly swimsuit in Syracuse?!?