Sign Our Petition & Help Iradora: No More EIFD #9

Iradora MoonglowYawn….well, good morning Earth fairies.  It’s Iradora checking in.  Oh, my, is it noon, already?  This time difference is killing me…rocket lag.  Just kidding, everyone knows fairies don’t need rockets.  Anyway, I just got back from a little vacay. I went home to Crater 11:11- but it wasn’t ALL vacation.  I have a hard time separating business and pleasure because I find the two equally rewarding.  That’s a good thing because Lou gave me quite an extensive to-do- list.  Mainly, I had to oversee quality control at our Moonglow moon base Factory; made sure the mining of the Swarovski crystals is going smoothly.  Everything is in tip-top shape – thanks to me.  Lou is sooo fussy about the business.  He gave me a checklist of about 10,000 things-to-do! And being the fairy I am, I got them all done in a day! I thought the white glove test was a bit extreme, especially since we’re not selling Moon burgers, but hey, at least you can be sure we’re a clean bunch. It’s all good. Lou’s sitting sipping Peña Coladas in Canada designing the latest pendants for ya’ll and at least now he has one less thing to worry about. We shipped 20 tons of moon dust out to Canada. It’s a secret ingredient in all of our pendants.  Hmm….I probably shouldn’t have told you that.  Well, just keep it to yourself.

We have a bunch of events all around the US and Canada.  I’ve wanted to make an official appearance at these things, but Lou says, “No”. Flat out, “no”, and when I ask him why he says, “No one believes in fairies”. What!?! How insulting is that? No one believes in fairies?  Well, it’s just not true.  EVERYONE believes in fairies, and vampires, and dragons, and all magical entities like me, I say.  Anyway, I’m going to start a petition so that ya’ll can sign it and let Lou know that you want to see me – IRADORA MOONGLOW, at upcoming events!  As it is now, I have to dust myself with EIFD #9 (Emerald Invisibility Fairy dust) while at the events. It’s not toxic or anything, at least not physically, but emotionally it’s having quite an effect on me. My self-eesteem is at an all time low. I get no attention whatsoever. I can see everyone, but no one can see ME!  I must admit there are times when I do prefer being invisible, but I don’t want to be invisible when we’re at these FUN EVENTS!  You can tell I’ve been there, though.  Next time you see our booth at an event, just take a really close look at the pedestals where the Moonglow reps sit. Yep, that’s all you have to do. You’ll have to get really close to the fabric. (If any of the reps say anything to you just tell them you’re admiring… their manicure, or something.)  You’ll see a fine trail of iridescent emerald green dust (with a slight purple tint) sprinkled across the black silky cloth. Well, that’s there because of me. It’s remnant EIFD#9.  If you see that, you’ll know I’m there- somewhere. If you call my name out while you’re purchasing a pendant you’ll get the Iradora discount – I just made that up – but hey, try it!  And PA-LEASE, remember to SIGN MY PETITION  Pfff… no one believes in fairies…